It happened! The Gonads Tour November USA & Film, a side-splitting mockumentary


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With a focus on technology and media mediums, you can be sure to bolster various avenues of your company and your creative spirit. Our co-working space is relaxing and quiet with a tea room attached and ocean views. Contact for more info or to book your space today.

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Join us at Venice Media District Events and/or your local Film Festivals which are Marina Del Rey Film Festival, Silicon Beach Film Festival, Playa Vista Film Festival and Culver City Film Festival.

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Let us help grow your ideas into a much more powerful concept and product to deliver with style. Click the button above in order to contact our creative staff to book them for your production.


More information on the founding of the Beach Dancer Films

Beach Dancer Films

We focus on furthering and advancing the medium of film, technological, media, and online aspects of the film industry in Los Angeles. Find the most cutting edge advancements that comes with progress at Silicon Beach in a relaxed atmosphere .

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  •   +1 (310) 721-2389
  •   Venice, Marina Del Rey California

In Development

Working Titles :Flowers (Documentary) Too Young (Feature Film) , Scooterboy (Feature Film), Likea (Comedy),


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