In partnership with the LA Punk Museum, Beach Dancer Films presents the second annual Punk Film Festival March 30th, 2019 at 8pm at Beyond Baroque.Below are some highlights of the programming


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The LA Punk Film Festival Schedule

Main Screening Room

8pm Suzi Quatro trailer

Suzi Quatro, the first women of Punk….the film will come out late 2018. Known as Leather Tuscadero on Happy Days.

8:10 Lost Grrrls: Riot Grrrl In Los Angeles

Lost Grrrls traces the roots and evolution of a vibrant local feminist culture that has defied the mass media spun stereotypes of riot grrrl.

Directed By Vega Darling Q & A with Madigan Shive, Lucretia Tye Jasmine, Beth Capper

8:30pm Scumbag a film by Mars Roberge & Q and A with DH Peligro of Dead Kennedys’, Angelo Moore of Fishbone, Don Bolles of The Germs

Comedy · A young hipster wannabe-superstar DJ, Phil, takes on a day job at a telemarketing company, working with crazy people, ex-prisoners, drug addicts and murderers. The time of his life begins .

10.35pm Critically acclaimed new release :Bomb City

Bomb City is a 2017 American crime film written and directed by Jameson Brooks. The film is based on the death of Brian Deneke, the homicide that revealed the cultural clash between the local jocks and the punk community in Amarillo, Texas, and the result from the subsequent court case sparked debate over injustice.


Midnight Screening Feature 12am

Adam Ant: Blue Black Hussar by award winning director Jack Bond

  • For the first time since his punk roots, Adam Ant is captured on film as he plays with a hungry young band brilliantly directed “Fly on the wall” by Jack Bond.<

Outdoor Screening Room 2

8pm Spokanarchy

9.30pm Billy Bones?

Legendary punk rock singer Billy Bones‘ 40-year rampage through American music has been consistently vibrant and refreshingly creative. As vocalist for first-wave 1977 trailblazers the Skulls, Bones kicked a gaping hole through Southern California’s mellow, leafy rock ‘n’ roll convention …..


 10.25pm L7 new video release “I came back, Bitch”

10.35 ‘This Punk Band Hates Fax Machines’ Comedy short written &  produced by Jacob Godbey

10:40pm Coming 2018…..We are the Flowers in your Dustbin, produced by Sandie West



10.45pm The history of Black Punk by Senna Saeed

Listen to the music 

Death is a Detroit rock band formed in Detroit, Michigan in 1971 by brothers Bobby, David, and Dannis Hackney. The trio started out as a funk band but switched to rock after seeing a concert by The Who. Wikipedia

11.55pm Optimistic Yes

Produced by Angelo Moore of Fishbone featuring HR of Bad Brains

Angelo Moore is a singer and performer who hardly needs an introduction. Through his legendary band Fishbone, Angelo has influenced and defined a musical style and performance ability that has crossed generations and genres. 

Screen 3

Punk Chill Lounge & Re-union Room – Upstairs at Beyond Baroque,= AKA Punk Rock Video Lounge…….

8pm Kustomonsters Cartoons, X, Ginger Coyote, Bad Brains, She’s a Punk Rocker, The Gonads 40th Anniversary Tour USA, No Future – Professor Matt Worley, Josie Cotton, & so much more…….


In the Book Shop

There will be readings  8pm til closing

Vendors, Food, Beer and Wine in the garden area

8.30pm: Nora Novack: Los Feliz Confidential

9.15pm Iris Berry

10pm: Geri Lewis: Suicidal Tendencies

Venice is the most visited city outside of Disneyland in America.  Indeed the venue Beyond Baroque is celebrating their 50th year, and they have been the our local Venice mainstay; Beyond Baroque which has been a space for cultivating innovative artists for over 50 yrs in Los Angeles –  literature, writers, poets, thinkers, a vital center for community and art.
Beatnick, and then punk in Los Angeles, grew from this epi-center and we are proud to be  showing films about punk here in Los Angeles for the second year.

And Cartoons from Craig Clark Kustomonsters will be playing in the Punk Rock Video Lounge

Preview from We are The Flowers In your Dustbin (not yet released) by Sandie West in the outdoor screen 2

Art installments by LA Punk Museum with

David Worth

Anthony Ausgang

Paul Hallam

Tom Neas

Rodger Cornwall Jr

 Tequila Mockingbird

Fabulous Fab


Suicidal Tendencies

“We had a central meeting place, which was Mar Vista park, where we would meet up before shows and down beers. Also this park served as the place were the Suicidal softball & football leagues would play ball. Somedays we could also be seen at Penmar playing golf with the Suicidal golf club or at the bowling alley with the Suicidal bowling team. For me it was more of a band of brothers…”

-Excerpt from “LOCALS ONLY…L.A. PUNK GANGS OF THE 80’S”.  April 10, 2013.

—  ??