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Redemption, Rape & Politics 

A modern day thriller with Old Testament style `eye for a eye` justice. A revenge novel for the 21st century.

For decades now, serial killers have taken centre-stage in the news and entertainment media.



GJ wrote the book after coming out of a 29 day coma – it is a genuine case of From Death Bed To Hollywood.

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The coverage of real-life mass murderers such as Denis Neilson and Ted Bundy has transformed them into ghoulish celebrities. But never before has a serial killer personally known all her victims. Taylor Shelley is a mass murderer who genuinely believes she has a license to kill. She wasn`t just a executioner, but the newest member of a rare breed, a female serial killer.
Her life was ruined by what 8 teenage boys had done to her, Taylor is determined to carve a path of revenge that will take each down. She is a woman seeking justice and goes on the rampage. Payback was brutal and bloody. The only way to kill the pain was to wipe out the source.
Inspired to kill by the historical sex crimes of Sir Jimmy Saville, Gary Glitter and Rolf Harris, she killed 8 times in six weeks. Her most famous victim was Tory MP Paul Greening.

Introduction to book

Never before has a serial killer personally known all her victims.Taylor Shelley was a mass murderer who genuinely believed she had a license to kill. As she admitted in police interviews the murders were not random, they were personal.

Days before her arrest Taylor gave a world exclusive interview to tabloid journalist Rebekah Woods. The pair bonded immediately and agreed to co-operate on the book your are now reading.

Taylor says: “This is the true story of my time at Gable Brook Comprehensive. A snapshot of incidents I recall taking place over a six year period” Unlike politicians and social workers Taylor Shelley is an expert on the subject. A genuine victim who until now suffered in silence: “In the 1980s I attended a Essex Comprehensive where bad things happened every day. I was just an object and saying `No` wasn’t a option”.

The NSPCC states: “A child is sexually abused when they are forced or persuaded to take part in sexual activities”. It had to be ice cold revenge, a final solution with Old Testament `an eye for an eye` justice.  Taylor Shelley becomes a serial killer.

12th September 2016.  The Independent newspaper reported: “Six out of 10 girls and women aged 13 to 21 had faced sexual harassment at school or college.

An alarming report by a House of Commons committee condemns what it calls the `shocking scale` of the problem, with pupils routinely touched sexually and called `sluts` or `slags`. More worryingly, schools and teachers are failing to report incidents or take them seriously” “Schools should be safe places and no young person should suffer harassment or violence”

A British Government Report published in November 2016 stated: “Sexual abuse of girls is `accepted as part of everyday life` and the rise of the `lad culture` means teachers are effectively `condoning sexual harassment`” The official document called it a new trend. New fashion and music are trends. Sexual abuse is not a trend, it`s a violent crime and sadly nothing new.