Welcome to the Global Punk Portal October 8th – 14th 2022

Offical Line Up Oct 9th 2022

Welcome to the Punk Worldwide Portal 2022

Official Line Up Oct 8-14th 2022


Welcome to the Punk Worldwide Portal 2022

Award Winning Movies and New Releases now streaming at LA Punk Film Festival Channel. Celebrate 50 yrs of all things Punk. Here’s the 6th Annual LA Punk Film Festival Winners 2020 & 2021, catch their films right here. 



Sunday October 9th BLOCK ONE 12pm -5.30pm

12pm – Red Carpet Meet & Greet with Filmmakers & Guest Punk Bands


Argumentum Ad Baculum (Phil Nohl Wisconsin | USA) 2:38

Nothing In Return (Zachariah Hagy |Jesse Barron | USA) 4:47

Lisa Suckdoll (Becca Kozak | Canada) 15.00

It Was D.O.A. (Reid Blakley | Canada) 2:38

Red Steel Dawn (Peter Tintle | LA | USA) 4.09

RKLSS (Tank Standing Buffalo | Canada) 5:07

Fashion Statement (Luis Zuniga/Garden Grove | USA) 4:47

Dear Dad, F*@# You! (Sam Horak | Canada) 7:40

Slaughter (Beach Daniel C Davis | Delaware | USA) 01:15:00

Starting a Punk Band In Your 30’s (Kyle Waters Geller | LA | USA) 13:52

Hot Dog Stand ((Kyle Waters Geller | LA | USA) 4:00


Saturday October 9th BLOCK TWO 6.30-11pm

Who Loves You (Walter Santucci | USA) 2.33

Rogue (Lina Larson | USA) 10:15

Everything is A-OK (Justin Powers | Texas | USA) 01:56:18

DDD (Eric Unusual | Texas | USA) 2:56

Always Fast, Hardly Accurate (Sal Redpath, Ben Archer | UK) 23:51

Atomic Cafe: The Noisiest Corner in J-Town (Akira Boch | Tadashi Nakamura |LA | USA) 10:00

I Really Get Into It: The Underage Architects of Sioux Falls Punk (Brian L Bieber | USA) 01:19:07


Sunday October 10th BLOCK ONE 2pm – 5.30pm

Minnesota: The Modern Day Selma (Michaels Carlin | LA USA) 01:46:07

Cut Short (Marina Dodis | Canada) 4:30

Slugger (Andrew Palmer | Chicago | USA) 2:24

Devil & Me (Tom Petborisooth | LA | USA) 26:29

Rotten Looking Kid (Julie Nunis | LA | USA) 52:03

Witch Haunt (Matthew Quaid | LA | USA) 09:30

Jazz v. Punk: Hermosa Beach (Julie Nunis | LA | USA) 36:00

Punk is not Dead (Juliette Angelica-Martrès | France ) 14:42

Svengali (Gino Elorie | Coachella Valley | USA) 4:30

How To Get Out Of Here? (Marcin Jażyński | Poland)3.00

Leftover Bowlskis – Dichotomy (Joey Zamjahn | USA) 4.39

Madame Dishrags | Carmen Pollard |Canada) 3:00


Sunday October 10th BLOCK TWO 6.30pm – 10pm

Love Letters Template (Joselito Sering | San Francisco) 1.27)

Exposition Demolition (Carmen Pollard | Canada) 3:00

Russian Tzar (Péter Kálló | Hungary) 01:47

Gridlocked: On Tour with The Briggs (Kevin James Barry | USA) 01:21:55

Infected (Alfonso ‘Cronopio’ Moreno | Spain) 4.00

How to get out of here (Marcin Jażyński |Poland) 3:14

Mojo Tango (Jonny Stanger|TX|USA) 1:16

Menetetty Maa: Turhan Lähellä Reunaa (Janne Piipponen | Finland) 3.40


www.beachdancerfilms.com Media Contact: Sandie West 310-721-2389

IMDB https://www.imdb.com/event/ev0008906/2019/1/

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Award Winners 2019 & 2020

Award Winning Movies and New Releases now streaming at LA Punk Film Festival Channel. Celebrate 50 yrs of all things Punk. Here’s the 5th Annual LA Punk Film Festival Winners 2020, catch their films right here which were released daily over 4 days in 2020:
Watch the Red Carpet and Awards Show here:

Best US Film
Anne and Andy – Jordan Selander

Best International Film
Fall Back Down – SB Edwards – Canada

Best US Short
Johnnie Anarchy – Ed Abroms

Best International Short
Stay Sharp – Lauren Hester – Australia

Best US Documentary
Pick it up Ska in the 90’s – Taylor Morden – Pop Motion Pictures

Best International Documentary
I’ve Won I’ve Lost – Gian Luca Rossi – Italy

Best Comedy
Melvin and the Microphone – Chris Yongless

Best Animated Film
Bathtub – Dylan Mars Greenberg

Best Horror Film
Straight Edge Kegger – Jason Zink

Best LGBTQ+ Punk Film
Sweet Tender Hooligan – Jose Alfredo Garcia

Best Thriller
Neutrals – Jacob Horne

Best Music Video
Rubys Song – Walter Santucci

Best Script
Finding Normal – Nathaniel J Ryan

Live stream interview with John Doe as well as exclusive VIP merch not available anywhere else from LA Punk Film Festival.


Produced by Sandie West Beach Dancer Films

Punk and alternative films are on the increase in the mainstream as well as punk icons who are producing TV and Films about the punk genre.



William Badgely – Best Feature Film 2019 “Here to be Heard: The Story of The Slits”

Mark Covino – Best Documentary Film 2019 “A Band called Death”

Jenn Wexler – Best Horror Film 2019 “The Ranger”

Angelo Moore – Best Crossover Artist 2019  “Optimistic Yes”

Honoring 2018 Awards 

Jaime Brooks & Sheldon Chick – Best Feature Film 2018 “Bomb City”

Mars Roberge –  Best Comedy Film 2018 “Scumbag”

Erica Schisler – Best Documentary Film 2018 “SpokAnarchy”


April 19th 6pm Arrivals, 6:30pm Awards 

Beach Dancer Films 3401 Pacific Ave, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

The venue changed this year which actually is great as we will have an Awards Show and can give away FREE tickets on certain Punk Online Sites, DoLA is giving away a pair †oo! BYOB is welcomed, you can pick up within walking distance if needed!  Snacks and soft drinks provided.  The films this year are of a great calibre, we are growing.

The third annual Punk Film Festival April, 2019 at 6:30pm for The Awards Show .Below is the schedule of the  program on 2 screens.

The 4th Annual LA Punk Fim Festival 2020 is proudly accepting entries on FilmFreeway, the world’s #1 way to enter film festivals and creative contests. 


Special thanks some of major sponsors

SM1 Music Group/Sony Music



Buy your tickets here, $15 get them in advance before they sell out

Arrivals 6pm

Red Carpet

6.30pm Awards Ceremony


Main Garden Screening Room

LA Punk Film Festival April 2019 6.30pm

Award Winning Movies and New Releases on 2 screens at LA Punk Film Festival, we are celebrating 50 yrs of all things Punk. The price of the event includes drink ticket and snacks for the evening.  Prizes will be given for the worst punk T shirt so put on the neon, pink and green, add some rips!

After the 1st Inaugural Punk Film Festival, the City of LA, gave punk… National Punk Day and created X as the emblem of LA and all things Punk!

3401 Pacific Ave,1st Flr, 2B, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292
(Enter reception area by the ocean porch) 310-721-2389

Shuttle service available and free street parking or $4-6 paid beach parking enter at end of Washington Bl, go south, park and walk up Catamaran Street to Pacific.

Schedule of event

6.30pm Red Carpet and Awards Show hosted by Mars Roberge and Debra Haden live with Punk Rock Demonstration Radio Show and photo ops

7.30pm Q and A with William Badgely, a new movie release

Here to be Heard- The Story of The Slits

9:15pm Get your Gonads,  a new film release preview by Sandie West




9.30pm Optimistic Yes produced by Angelo Moore of Fishbone featuring HR of Bad Brains

Angelo Moore is a singer and performer who hardly needs an introduction. Through his legendary band Fishbone, Angelo has influenced and defined a musical style and performance ability that has crossed generations and genres. 

10 pm A new movie release

The Ranger by Jenn Wexler

The Ranger (2018) Teen punks, on the run from the cops and hiding out in the woods, come up against the local authority, an unhinged park ranger with an axe to grind.


Outdoor Screening Room 2

Short Films

8pm Green Army produced by Nicholas Keefer/Association Utopia 18.30

8:20pm Johnny Colarado produced by Michael Benton 18:34


8.50pm Me Love to drive on the Wild Side by Walter Santucci

8.52pm More Freaks “Millennial Meltdown”
by Sean Melen

10pm A Band Called Death

Peru’s own Los Saicos, Sex PistolsThe RamonesNew York DollsThe Stooges, The Dictators, or even Death, was the first punk band in the history of punk bands.
Rockumentary and family love story, A BAND CALLED DEATH chronicles what happened almost three decades later, when a dusty 1974 demo tape made its way out of the attic.
Death is a Detroit rock band formed in Detroit, Michigan in 1971 by brothers Bobby, David, and Dannis Hackney. The trio started out as a funk band but switched to rock after seeing a concert by The Who. Wikipedia

11:20p One Man’s Madness by Director Jeff Baynes

A fresh, disorienting, quirky, slapstick romp through the history of Madness, accompanied by their irrepressible, flying saxophonist, Lee Thompson. And it is probably mostly true.

This year is the 3rd year we celebrate all things punk here in Los Angeles, a scene that has been underground and going


3401 Pacific Ave,1st Flr, 2B, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292
(Enter reception area by the ocean porch) 310-721-2389

Produced by Sandie West Beach Dancer Films

We reserve the right to update, change or replace any part of the programming times for the festival due to circumstances beyond our control.

Suzi Quatro trailer

Suzi Quatro, the first women of Punk….. Known as Leather Tuscadero on Happy Days.

Trailer:How to talk to Girls at Parties

Trailer: Her Smell

Punk Chill Lounge

Vendors, Food, Beer and Wine in the garden area

Venice is the most visited city outside of Disneyland in America.  Indeed the venue Beyond Baroque is celebrating their 50th year, and they have been the our local Venice mainstay; Beyond Baroque which has been a space for cultivating innovative artists for over 50 yrs in Los Angeles –  literature, writers, poets, thinkers, a vital center for community and art.
Beatnick, and then punk in Los Angeles, grew from this epi-center and we are proud to be  showing films about punk here in Los Angeles for the third year.