1. Renter must abide by all building and safety requirements
  2. Renter will leave space clean and tidy and as they found it or even better for next party
  3. Renter shall make sure all electrical appliances are unplugged and turned off; lights and candles are blown out and fountain is unplugged.  If fountain sounds low on water, please fill with a cup of water if needed
  4. Renter shall communicate any needs or feedback to the spa at an appropriate time so to best serve the needs of both parties.
  5. Renter shall restock any items used and throw trash in the dumpster located downstairs in the garage area.  There is a broom, mop, and mirror cleaner for your use, please know where these are located and return them to their place after each rental period.
  6. Renter shall inform the spa of any elevator malfunctions, leftover trash, utility issues, or if anything is broken regardless of whose responsibility it may be.  This assists the spa to take steps to replace or repair as soon as possible.
  7. Renter shall call 310-721-2389 to confirm if parking space is available.

The parties hereto agree that Renter:

  1. Has been presented with the above list of rules and regulations at the time of signing of the attached agreement; and
  2. Has been provided with the opportunity to question the spa as to the meaning of any and all said rules and regulations; and
  3. Renter understands all said rules and regulations and agrees to comply with said rules and regulations; and
  4. Renter agrees to inform all Renter’s employees, agents, assigns, independent contractors, and guests of said rules and regulations
  5. Renter agrees to be bound by said rules and regulations and to be liable for, and to hold the spa harmless for any violation by Renter, and/or Renter’s employees, agents, assigns, independent contractors, and/or guests, of said rules, regulations, and contract provisions now in existence and as may be added hereto by amendment.