Oi! Mate Kiss Me

WGA Registration Number: 1847006

(Train spotting combined with Stand by Me)

TAGLINE: 3 teenage girls on a voyage of discovery, dancing with the devil, in the early 1980’s Oi Revolution of Street Punx bonding through music and friends in London’s West End.

Set in London, 1981-1982, the teenagers all aged around 15-16 years old are from upper to middle class families. What – The film begins with Angie’s narration as she and 2 friends, laugh loud and spontaneously from the prosecution box together in the courthouse.

They are getting sentenced and yet they are jeering at the judge and pointing and gesturing at his powder wig in the London Superior Court. Taking the “mIck”, so to speak and spurred on by supportive friends, sounding like they are at a football match while swearing at the judge. The girls just find it incredibly amusing that the judge keeps threatening “Contempt” how many times did he need to say it! Until the judge slams the deaf defying gaff to sentence these juvenile kids do they realize the gravity of the situation. Voice Over: Paul states that they are unlike people who want a normal life, working for the man, counting the money and going to church on Sundays, they all unanimously belong to living life as a Skinhead Family.

The rest of Angie’s close circle of skinhead friends are introduced: boyfriend Paul, a good looking Jewish kid from Camden Town, his Mom Laura, the junkie, Lisa, a Siouxzie Sioux lookalike and Nitty Nutty Nora of Indian descent, Hamish the Scott, Little Dave and Steve the Spike. Angie, Lisa and Nora are all teenage skinheads girls, street oi punx who spend their days hanging in the West End, skipping school, and general larking around, pushing the envelope against the law as well as instigating some outbreaks of violence. One particular instance, being a south-end riot where they cut the rope to some boats that the rival

skinheads were “ kipping “ in which lead to mass exodus march by the police to get them out of town.

One morning, Angie decides to leave it all behind as she see her friend Sue get sucked into prostitution in Soho and beautiful Val, was no longer beautiful after the drugs took ahold of her but the lure of the laughs and the feel of the adopted family kept drawing her back in. Besides she would never go home back to live longer than two days because of her abusive alcoholic Mom. That morning, she woke up with all her friends in the hospital in a quiet room on a padded floor, they had all over-dosed on recreational drugs, tuinal and seconal and were dressed in blue paper hospital gowns. They play and roll into each other hugging and laughing, a bad drug from that West End dealer, Wally!

After this final straw, Angie finds that Paul is now in Borstal because of the new SUS Law. Lisa and Angie go to meet Paul’s Mom who has the drugs. She is now comatose on tuinal and has them doing a runner with a large shopping cart full of munchies as she gestures to no money in her bag and shows she has the drugs and that they needed to run fast, down Oxford Street back to the Hotel, cart and all! That same night they meet Nora at Lisa’s squat after the 100 club, they all pile in. Hamish, jokes that he will shit in Nora’s mouth, even though he takes out the Johnsons Baby Powder and even though Nora is laughing as he holds her down and rubs talc on her face and squats, no-one really believes but horror of horror he does a shit!

Meanwhile, back at the 100 club, Angie, met her blonde nemesis in the bathroom. A really rough girl, Mandy from East London, whose face looked like a bulldog. Mandy was always ready to razz up Angie but Angie always seemed to avoid the skirmishes. Well today was the day, here was her chance to show Mandy and get the word out that she was a tough girl and not to mess with her. Angie started kicking in the tampon machine with her steel toecaps boots to get some change for some beers. This drew Mandy away from taxing her and then the lead singer, Becki Bondage, walked into the bathroom, Becki started to interact. Angie took this opportunity to take Becki down and start a ruck. All this was for show and to create a air of mystique so Angie would not lose her

good looks to Mandy’s bulldog fists! It worked, the story went down in street fame legend and Angie never had to fight again.

Wally was a random older guy who used to hang out with the kids in the West End who had a flat just off of Covent Garden. All the younger girls take refuge showing up to sleep on Wally’s couch at 3pm after a show at the 100 club. Roger was there that night, a photographer who wanted to document the scene. He paid Angie and Nora give him a hitler-like pose for the camera, they did it as the money was good but an image that would cast a shroud of darkness forever. The culmination of this event is that the photos did end up at The Tate Gallery which gave them instant street cred. This string of events combined with giving Becki Bondage, a black eye, left the illusion they were the untouchables and they got caught up in the power of it all.

One day during a foolish visit to Soho with her friend Dawn, Angie gets indoctrinated into a strip club and because she didn’t have to strip but dance behind a glass window topless with her friend Dawn, she did it for giggles. The middle-eastern men watching behind the glass requested Angie’s company and there was no escape, this had gone too far. Confrontation to the owner just got her cornered and Dawn disappeared so she had no choice but to table dance for these men. Angie played along with it, got her $200 cash on the pretense she would be back to work the next night and never got close to Soho ever again!

Angie, Nora and Lisa are later caught red-handed harassing a mod girl and cutting her hair short in the fashion of a tennis ball which leads to the consequences as seen in the beginning of the movie. Due to prior petty crimes, Nora and Angie are sent to Youth Custody for 3 months whereas Lisa is out on parole under the condition that Lisa attends a Drug Program. Despite support from friends and family, Angie and Norma start a riot in Youth Custody, they just don’t get it and think it all is one big practical joke. They are put into solidarity confinement for 3 weeks where Angie can only think of sex and Nora becomes withdrawn and spiteful. Angie leaves the gates of hell but becomes increasingly bored and depressed and escapes to Wally’s flat where she takes a particularly strong concoction of drugs and nearly dies again. Angie’s

parents exile her out of the house because she had colored her hair blue, little did they know of her inner torment and struggle.

As Angie reunites with Paul, they lay in bed that morning, and Angie wakes up to see a newly tattooed face, he had practically covered his face in a blue tribal tattoo. Angie is horrified and runs away to Lisa’s squat only to find she is boarded in and cannot get out. It turns out that she was drugged up and didn’t hear them closing up the squat as they thought it was empty but somehow Angie finds an opening and rescues her friend. Everybody abandons Paul and when Angie asks him why he did it, he confides that 6 East London Skinhead friends who despised him from talking about tattooing his face held him down and so they made him do it. Paul was ostrichised and began to hang out with glue sniffers in the seedy parts of London. Rent boy is what they called him as he seemed to turn tricks for those willing to pay for it. The National Front who enlisted him to give out flyers targeted him and he soon infiltrated the flanks of young skinheads with his propaganda and he grew stronger and more violent because of it.

The next week, Nora’s broke into her parent’s house as they were on vacation for a week and she had set up a vigilant watch of her new neighbors across the road. Lisa’s new boyfriend was lead singer of a band member of Conflict , Chubby Rick who was incredulous and hysterical with accusations about Little Dave and Steve, the Weetabix kids! They were underage little thugs who brought binoculars to keep account and meticulous details of the neighbor’s daily activities. They were convinced that Nora’s new neighbors were related to the Royals and planning on learning a new skill, that is burglary! They spent the whole week creating diagrams of the house and the movements. Little Dave barely slept the whole week.

Lonely, Angie goes to visit Lisa’s new squat in Kensington, Paul is living there too. Angie tours the squat, which consists of three floors, the horrifying sequences of events is mesmerizing. All her friends that she had assumed missing or gone back to the normal lives were here and shooting up in places never thought of. Sue had no hair left, her beautiful blonde locks just left with bald patches and bruises

everywhere. This was her adopted family and on seeing Paul, he somehow convinces her to date him again. He gave her a jack in her arm of the drug and assured her all would be wonderful. Angie threw up and stayed there the night and vowed never to come back again. People were hanging from the rafters and almost every square foot was covered with people who were jacking up. She found a pillow and a little corner hovelled into a cold, long harsh night.

By now, the newspapers had sensationalized the whole skinhead scene. The feeling of family was lost and Angie was in despair. She found herself pregnant and given a council flat in Brixton. Despite years of wasting away, Angie found solace alone. When word got out, Angie’s apartment was flooded with all the “old friends” and her home became a place of squalor. A bleeding heart with a child alone, Angie welcomes this. Her friends help her by stealing electricity and a phone line from the next-door neighbor. Paul’s Mom, comes to live with her and attracts all the low life scum as she pays Angie’s rent by selling drugs from there. Paul shows up seeking a place to hide out from the cops meanwhile Angie’s new boyfriend, Derek, takes some acid and kills himself from jumping out of a moving train so Angie lets Paul back in her life. They begin enjoying their new life of sobriety but it’s short-lived after Paul’s involved in a robbery and Wally shows up a now big time drug-lord in the heart of London’s East End. Angie is unhappy seeking to escape from this adopted family, moves in with her parents, back to the normal life and keeping up with the Joneses.

Angie’s maternal instinct is fleeting mainly because of the dysfunctional atmosphere at home and why Angie had initially fled so as not to be a carbon copy of her co-dependent parents. She went to the bank to deposit her government check and could not believe her eyes on seeing the statement print out, there was over a $100, 000 deposited 6 days ago! This was Angie’s ticket out and she took it, catching a flight to Ibiza with her daughter Chantal and left everyone with no forwarding address or clue as to where she had gone. Angie only went to Ibiza because she had heard of it through a few friends and there she began anew. She bought a nightclub with the monies, which she was quite sure Paul had given her, her first love, no questions asked. Forgiveness,