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A Mockumentary about a Punk Spinal Crap Tour & the legendary Gonads band with “oi”,  Drinking Songs!

The Gonads, a working class Street Punk band, celebrate their 40 years of failure by attempting to break America with a live tour.

This darkly comic caper follows the five hard-drinking buddies as they confront their mid-life crisis, attracting a following of psychopaths, groupies, debt collectors and aggrieved boyfriends along the way even the constitution has to be re-written.

Throw in sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll, mix with delusions of adequacy, buckets of hubris, and a pinch of philosophy, season with hardcore curry powder and then heat until it explodes. It’s a tumultuous ride.

The Tour (Teaser trailer)

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The Gonads have been gigging regularly early 40 years after they first formed, the band are still going strong. The band smash hit with their first E.P. ‘Pure Punk For Row People’ The Gonads are a beer-loving good time street-punk band. They play punk, Oi, Ska and drinking songs and are as down to earth as a Deptford sidewalk.

Top Three Hit……the indie charts!!!!!!

“I lost my love to a UK Sub”

The fans are saying!

“Make Gonads Great Again!”

“Gonads in the USA: The Second Time Is A Little Longer”

“Gonads Across America”

“Curry on up The Gonads!”

“That’s Oi!”


It is November 2017 and Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden flies all the Gonads to the USA!  Since 1977, The Gonads has become one of Oi, Ska and Punks most influential yet commercially unsuccessful acts.

In 1998, after a fledging USA tour, The Gonads sets out to do it again and they record their 13h album, “All Loonstompers” as they continue to follow their dreams.

The story of those lovable South London rogues The Gonads is set to be immortalized on film later this year with a West Coast Tour USA 2017.


“Pogo til I die”


“Buy me a drink you bastards!”


The greatest story ever to blow off your gonads!

It tackles the topics of sex, drugs, rock n’ roll and after seeing this film your philosophy of life will be “nothing can hold me back”, in every way!  We mean “every way” side-ways, back-wards, and on-wards!!!!

THE GONADS is a quirky upbeat documentary about a BAND at different stages of their 40 YRS OF  life AS A BAND. There are ups and downs, but in the end there’s always FUN TO BE HAD.

Gal Gonad Lead Vocals…..of The Gonads and Rock Journalist!

Newark, NJ @ the Pipeline 

Clyde & Kev in the basement/green room of the Pipeline:

New Haven, CT @ The Tune Inn (closed)


Bands and crew, pictured below: (left to right) Red Haired Gonad, Mark Rainey (obscured by the shadow of a middle finger) Simon Filth FC, Tony O’Morta, Kev Moore, Jon Trickey, Clyde, Dodgy Dave Wood, Gal himself…..)

New York, NY @ CBGBs (gone but not forgotten) 

Gal, Clyde & Kev on stage, NYC punks & skins, notably Shawn Oliver of the Truents and Phil Rigaud of the Templars, singing along:

San Francisco, CA @ the Cocodrie (closed)

Micro photo of the SF gig- can only make out Orlando (“Ox”) of Special Forces (seminal East Bay punk band that featured a pre-Rancid Tim Armstrong), Joe Perez, and the back of Gil’s head

Long Beach, CA @ the Clipper         Long Beach Gig Flyer:



Oi, mate! The Gonads are a beer-loving good time street-punk band. They play punk, Oi, Ska and drinking songs and are as down to earth as a Deptford sidewalk.

Singer Gal Gonad (AKA Garry Bushell) formed the band in 1977, inspired by the Ramones, The Clash, Ian Dury, Tighten Up reggae and Monty Python. But the original line-up never played outside of Charlton/Lewisham (London SE7/SE6) and broke up after releasing just one single.

Gal went on to write on the UK rock weekly Sounds where he was the first to review the Specials, the Ruts and the Skids, among many others.

He started managing the Cockney Rejects in 1979 and compiled the first four Oi! albums (1980 to 1982).

Gal reformed the Gonads in 1981 in solidarity with the Oi! movement, contributing ‘Tucker’s Ruckers Ain’t No Suckers’ to Carry On Oi!

The band notched up an Indie chart smash hit  with their first e.p. Pure Punk For Row People which included the classic ‘I Lost My Love To A UK Sub’.

They spent the next five years writing much-loved streetpunk classics such as ‘Jobs Not Jails’, ‘SE7 Dole Day’, ‘Eat The Rich’ and ‘The Joys Of Oi’ before splitting again.

In this period, Gal also formed the side project PROLE with Steve Kent of The Business, writing songs like ‘Generation Landslide’ and ‘We’ll Never Say Die’.

The Gonads have been gigging regularly since 1994, playing France, Germany, Sweden, the USA and all over the UK.

Nearly 40 years after they first formed, the band are still going strong.

The latest line-up is Gal (vox), Phil McDermott (ex East End Badoes, guitar), Paul Mummery (drums), Clyde Ward (bass, Cockney Rejects producer), and Wattsie Watts (vox and backing vox).

The Gonads have just released their thirteenth studio album, All The Loonstompers.

Although they are a party band, the Gonads also address serious issues such as the death of Ian Tomlinson and the threat posed by excess state power to individual liberties.

They have been called the first Oi-Tone band because they combine elements of Oi and 2-Tone. Crowd favourite songs include ‘Grant Mitchell’, ‘Alconaut’, ‘Oi Mate’ and ‘Charlton Boys.’

Some popular tracks:

I Lost My Love To A UK Sub:

Oi Mate:

Jobs Not Jails:

Punk Rock Will Never Die:

Buy Me A Drink You Bastards:



 GARRY Bushell is best known for his hard-hitting, award-winning newspaper columns which have been published in the national press for 29 years.

But before that he wrote for rock weekly Sounds where he covered and discovered hundreds of bands.

A fireman’s son from Woolwich, south east London, Garry did his journalist training under Paul Foot on the Socialist Worker before joining the rock press in 1978.

He was the first to write about such legendary bands as the Specials, U2, Bad Manners, Secret Affair and Twisted Sister.

He wrote Iron Maiden’s authorised biography Running Free and co-wrote Ozzy Osbourne’s first authorised biography, Diary Of A Madman.

He managed the Cockney Rejects and The Blood.  

He fronted (and still fronts) his own band, and notched up a Number One single with the all-star charity record Let It Be – a project he conceived and organised.

Garry’s Bushell On The Box TV column has appeared in The Sun, The Daily Star and The People. His own TV show of the same name Box ran for two series on ITV, attracting more than one million viewers at midnight and attaining an audience share high of 68per cent.

He has appeared on more than 2,000 other TV shows, including some of television’s biggest prime time hits; and many radio shows.

Garry is an outspoken broadcaster who has written novels, appeared in gangster movies and featured prominently in the acclaimed documentary films East End Babylon, Casuals and Rough Cut & Ready Dubbed.

He has worked with and befriended legends of British comedy, Harry Hill has said his TV Burp was inspired by Garry’s column; guests on his TV series included Lilly Savage, Vic & Bob, Craig Charles and Penn & Teller.

Garry’s column is currently published weekly in the Daily Star Sunday. 


Television (as self) Garry has appeared on more than 2,000 shows 

Presenting: Bushell On The Box (host and writer, ITV, fifty consecutive shows), The National Alf (host and co-writer, Channel 4 documentary), Gagging For It (host and writer, ITV stand-up broadcast pilot), Garry Bushell Reveals All (quiz show host and writer, Granada M&M; four series), Sky TV talent show pilot (1996, host and writer).


Television (Acting): Operation Good Guys (as self), Generation Game (Sherriff of Nottingham), Bushell On The Box (numerous parts), Hale & Pace (Viking marauder), Hypnotic World of Paul McKenna (randy milkman)



Bushell On The Box began in 1987 and has appeared in The Sun, The Daily Star, The People and The Daily Star Sunday.

Walk Tall With Bushell, ran in the Star from 1991-2;  a similar current affairs column ran in The Sun throughout 1994.

Garry joined the staff of the UK rock weekly Sounds in 1978, and started shifting on Fleet Street in 1985 (Sun, Daily Mirror, London Evening Standard). His writing has also appeared in Kerrang, the Independent, Vive Le Rock, Auto Express, Classic Rock, Iron Fist, Big Cheese, Temporary Hoarding, Street Sounds (launch editor and contributor) and the Modern Review.



Bob Monkhouse called Garry “a terrific writer, the sharpest and most knowledgeable TV critic in Britain” adding “I am proud to call him my friend.”

Richard Littlejohn describes him as “the best one-liner merchant in Fleet Street.”

Barbara Windsor dubbed him “the sharpest TV critic in the business.”

Roy Hudd called him “the Max Miller of Fleet Street.”

Former Sun editor Kelvin MacKenzie said: “He is simply the best.”

Former Sun editor Stuart Higgins said: “Garry is untouched and unbeatable.”

Former Sun deputy editor Fergus Shanahan said: “Outstanding, a genius.”

Former People editor Neil Wallis: “Brilliantly funny, our greatest ever TV writer.”

Howard Stern: “Garry Bushell is my ambassador in England.”


Radio: Radio Litopia (as host); The Garry Bushell Talk Show – and The Hungry & The Hunted – (2014 – 2016)

Total Rock (as DJ, 2002 – 2012)

Bloodstock Radio (as DJ, 2013)

TalkSport (as host, 2006)

Virgin Radio (as resident pundit, the Russ & Jonno Show, 1994)

Capital Gold stand-in breakfast host (2002). Numerous other radio appearances, including the Jonathan Ross Show, Steve Wright In The Afternoon, Radio One Breakfast Show, Chris Evans Drivetime, Nick Ferrari’s LBC show, the Danny Baker Show etc




Bibliography: Includes the Harry Tyler pulp fiction crime trilogy (The Face, Two-Faced, Facedown), The World According To Garry Bushell, Bushell On The Rampage, Hoolies and Running Free – the authorised biography of Iron Maiden.

More recently he has published: Dance Craze: The 2-Tone Story, Time For Action – on New Mod, Riff-Raff Rebels & Rock Gods, The Power & The Glory, Facedown has just been released as an audio book.


Film: A Fools’ Circle (2015), Gatwick Gangsters (2014), Twisted Sister – The Movie (2014), East End Babylon (2012), Casuals (2012), Thick As Thieves (2012), Hell To Pay (2001), Rough Cut & Ready Dubbed  (1982)



Thirteen Gonads albums, various and split singles: full discography

Conceived and masterminded the chart-topping charity single ‘Let It Be’ by Ferry Aid (Number One for three weeks)

Managed the Cockney Rejects, negotiating them a deal with EMI worth £600,000 in today’s money.

Garry Bushell – Just The Filth, released on CD and download (2013)

 more about …Bushell On The Box was a run-away hit for  ITV Night Network

Written/ presented by Garry Bushell, the show ran for two hit series (50 episodes). At its peak in 1996 it had one million viewers at midnight and a top audience share of 68 per cent.

Filmed at Garry’s home in Eltham, South London, it featured raw rants, its own mini-soap and some of the biggest names in TV and comedy. Guests – who all turned up un-paid – included Barbara Windsor, Ray Winstone, Bob Monkhouse, Jonathan Ross, Vic & Bob, Dale Winton, Lenny McLean, Paul O’Grady, Bill Roache, Billy Murray, Penn & Teller, Ulrika, and Craig Charles. Joe Pasquale and Bradley Walsh took part in demented sketches, Iron Maiden sent video messages, while the Drifters, an Abba tribute act and punk band The Blood performed in Garry’s back garden.

Producer Allan Sherwin says: “It was guerrilla TV making, made on the hoof, yet we had better guests than most mainstream chat shows. Garry was incredibly productive. Everyone in showbiz wanted to work with him – for free!”

* Bushell On The Box was made by Carlton Factual; after Garry turned down the offer of a third consecutive season, it later returned as a weekly element on Channel 4’s The Big Breakfast. Harry Hill has said that standing in for Garry on the BOTB column gave him the inspiration for TV Burp; more worryingly Al Murray has said reading Garry’s Sun columns helped inspire The Pub Landlord…


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