This is a story of a generation story that was never told.  A Story of innocence and family. This is probably one of the first generations with parents and elders were actually scared of the look and the uniform of these kids who dressed for their music

Thousands of kids lives ruined because of the misconception of the older generation- The adults claim no shame as to what happened to these kids.
This is the story of how the media created ugly giant and then tore it down brick by brick
The media could never do in this day but this is how it was then – and the story was never told but this heartwarming story will chill you to the bone when I pull the wool from your eyes
It is set in disfunctional generation of Thatcherite Britain
The kids had no chance –  beaten the kids up by taxing the families with a tax that had never been used since the 1400s- reintroduced in 1980! The tax was on how many people were in the household so what happened was one person in a big castle pay less tax than the family working class blue-collar in Liverpool with 10 kids!
I expect you could see how the story would unfold 10 kids in a household – no money to pay taxes puts a lot of stress on parents who don’t even have any money or a job- and just trying to bring their kids up – so you guessed it it was a mass exodus of homeless children a perfect storm – the music tied them together of this generation
That generation was done with racism this was the end of the 60s and 70s this was the early 80s and we are as one – one love. These  kids brought back to days of Jamaica as in early clash songs – and put on the uniform of the working class – these kids played right into it
Hey your 16 and and adults is scared of you- wow – you got so much power that all the adults just are scared of you hey that’s kind of fun right—
Kids played right into it they were the victims of the media – the media romanticize them and then betrayed them and what happens in the meantime –
there were other interests such as national front and British movement going against the grain and recruit – Youth
These were the perfect recruits as people were scared of them and they looked menacing the people who recruited and those who were just approximately five years older than them – they looked up to them and they related to them and they had more money than them which was used to persuade them with free chips from the chippy store
So these young teens looked up to them and listen to them and this is what change the whole fabric of the scene an innocent music dancing kids looking smart – coming together as family from other broken families homes
Now the victims of instructions for young adults beginning a whole crime wave rebellion disobedience and many kids lives we’re lost in the process
This is a story of those who are there and still haunted by the oppression of society at that time
I’m lucky I made it out alive and I’m here to tell the story of those who didn’t the precious souls of innocence,  we are the flowers in your dustbin.