6pm Intro and Vintage Venice Punk Footage Bill Alsup
with performances by Sonic Utopia & Taquila Mockingbird
6:15pm Punk’s Not Dead by Susan Dynner
Punk’s Not Dead is more than just a tribute documentary. It takes you on an era-by-era journey that puts punk rock’s non-conformist reputation under the knife. Officially sanctioned by the bands in the film who donated personal photos, fliers and home 
7:45pm Q and A with Susan Dynner and Jack Grisham TSOL
James is the product of a stressed out mom and a bad attitude. Enter Marla-for James it’s love at first kiss. Alas, Marla’s life comes to an untimely end, and for most young lovers Marla’s death would’ve been the end of the story, but not for James…
Based on the TSOL song, Code Blue.Written by Jack Grisham. Produced by Lisa McGuire, Jack Grisham & Susan Dynner. Directed by Susan Dynner.

8:15pm New L7 movie not yet released “L7 Pretend were dead” Buy Tickets and/or RSVP beachdancerfilms@hotmail.com Thanks

9:45pm Q and A with L7!! Filmmakers and some members of L7

Grab your backstage pass & take a visceral immersion into the 1990s with one of its seminal grunge punk bands, L7. Pigeonholed as an all-female band despite their every effort, L7’s charismatic members struggled against music industry & fan expectations even as they contended with questions of celebrity &  success. Assembling a dynamic combination of never-before-seen home video footage, relevant interviews & raucous performances, L7:Pretend We’re Dead is a real time journey witnessing the rise, fall, & ultimate redemption of these fierce feminist pioneers of American Rock &  Roll.

 10pm includes a sneak preview of Suzi Quatro’s new movie
(not yet released) by Liam Firmager
Suzi Q is the definitive, untold story of the ‘Girl from Detroit City’: trailblazer, inspiration, survivor, human dynamo – Suzi Quatro
& more……………Lydia Lunch Nervous Gender!!!
Preview from We are The Flowers In your Dustbin (not yet released) by Sandie West
Stay tuned for a live performances & the art show and punk community in Venice.
Featuring Art Installations by Brian TuckerVale Hamanaka Search and Destroy Fanzines, David Worth Punk Rock Cartoons, Ivy Ney Punk 80’s, John ADHD Future Punk, Atila Art and Haircuts to the stars, Cherie Gillette Jewellery
The 1st Inaugural Punk Film Festival & Art Show is March 16th at The Venice Art Crawl in conjunction with LA Punk Museum 6pm Film Festival


Suicidal Tendencies

“We had a central meeting place, which was Mar Vista park, where we would meet up before shows and down beers. Also this park served as the place were the Suicidal softball & football leagues would play ball. Somedays we could also be seen at Penmar playing golf with the Suicidal golf club or at the bowling alley with the Suicidal bowling team. For me it was more of a band of brothers…”

-Excerpt from “LOCALS ONLY…L.A. PUNK GANGS OF THE 80’S”. http://www.cvltnation.com/l-a-punk-gangs-of-the-80s/  April 10, 2013.

A Sneak preview of Liam Fermingers’ new Film on legend Suzi Quatro

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