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GJ wrote the book after coming out of a 29 day coma – it is a genuine case of From Death Bed To Hollywood.

About Garry Johnson :


Upcoming Media Interviews are Daily Mail and the BBC as well Essex

Feature in the September issue of Essex Life.

5.5. 17 – Essex TV are sending a crew to film GJ on Sunday  May 12th.




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GJ on London Live News – Video

4/15/17 Soundcloud interview


4/23/17 Daily Star –

Daily Star – Page 23 of the Star On Sunday – the whole page.Great info about book and film and 3 pictures.

Enquirer May 2017

Echo – April 27th – page 2 of the ESSEX Enquirer , the EAST London Enquirer and the Thurrock Enquirer


 May 2017 Street Sounds

Garry Johnson Assets Soundtrack

This would be a mixed soundtrack of two tone and ska, mod, and Garry’s poems were made into an album by Sulo in 2016, sort of rock n roll….just an idea for a soundtrack.  This is the only film that is not driven by a soundtrack but I thought it a good idea to look at Garry’s poems etc and some are very fitting.

If we like the Sulo songs however Garry Johnson can perform and has performed these songs as a Punk Poet.

John Dryland the boss at Cargo Records said “YES” we could use any of Garry Johnson’s songs. ONE other song written by GJ  that he owns is “If Looks Could Kill”, a Bowie meets Sinatra style croon. The Chorus is “If looks could kill I`d be dead”

Nick Welsh, the producer Kevin Poree and the Record label boss John Dryland – Cargo Records can give clearance for GJ

Songs by GJ

I like this one!  Written and sung by Garry Johson

If looks could kill …supposed to be a a funny take on a bowie song…written and performed by Garry Johnson …

Change Paul Greening to Newton Brown MP and we have his song….
The lyrics are all about a pervert politician so lyrically it works.
Teenage Gang hanging out….The voice of Oi
This could be played when the Teenage gang are on the train to Southend …
“Born in a city of tower blocks”
This could be playing when Greening and his teenage king are standing on a street corner or making there way to attack Taylor over the local park …




Chronolical order of songs in the film

As a 13-year-old Taylor is into Bob Marley then becomes a Mod and crazy about The Jam.

Greening and his gang are Skins & Mods and into Trojan, Prince Buster, Two-tone Bands, The Jam. If we want SKA Nick Welch will help , he worked with Prince Buster and played with all the 2-tone bands.

As Taylor gets into her 20`s she`s into Paul Weller, BOWIE and The Stone Roses and Brit Pop. Garry Johnson managed Stone Roses.


“This Is A Modern World” by The Jam


“The Gangster Of Slang” – written by GJ and is performed by

Swedish Pop Star Sulo on the album Punk Rock Stories And Tabloid Tales

Gangster of Slang

If we want sentimental/melancolly/sad songs in the background to illustrate the unhappiness of Taylor Shelley – there are three song written by Garry Johnson that Sulo performs on Punk Rock Stories And Tabloid Tales. WOULD BE DIRT CHEAP to get off the record company seeing as GJ wrote them and sort of part own them?

These songs: Somethings Missing The One Got Away

Fathers Day

From Oxford Street To Gretna Green

And to play when Harry is with his Cockney gang is “London Boys” from the same album – would be ideal for when Harry and his gang kidnap the MP.

As for a BOWIE song that would be great but I imagine it would cost a fortune.


Taylor Shelley

Rebekah Woods – Fleet Street Journo

Harry Harris – East End Gang Leader

Paul Green – Nazi thug & Tory MP.

Lap Dancer – Chloe Anderson

Danny – the long-term partner/lover of Taylor

Kelly Baxter – Local Journo

The Prostitute  – Joolz

The Teenage Gang:

Leader: Paul Greening, John Hunter, Billy Bishop, Peter Brown, Dave Barron, Casey Newton, Terry Reason, David Reynolds.

Harry Harris Gang:

Warwick Courtney, Wayne Jackson, Dodgy Dave Diamond, Turbo and Mad Martin Smith.